The scope

With the ever growing need to save on capital expenditure, a clear and concise maintenance strategy on all assets is a necessity. This unique training course outlines the theory and tools needed to incorporate condition monitoring into your maintenance plan.

Course objectives

  • To understand the principles of reliability engineering
  • To identify various condition monitoring technologies available
  • To understand condition monitoring and it’s values in a maintenance strategy
  • To interpret and analyse data
  • To measure and evaluate risk
  • To understand the condition monitoring roadmap
  • To understand the benefits of asset health and life and how they impact on the overall strategy for condition monitoring

At the end of this course learners will be able to:

Maintenance terminology

The principles of reliability engineering

Condition monitoring technology

Condition monitoring in context

Condition monitoring approach

Analysing data

Risk evaluation

Technology roadmap

Asset health and life

Condition monitoring the wrong and right way

Course assessment

Condition Monitoring Essentials - Content

Who should attend?

  • Asset managers / owners
  • Facility managers
  • Plant owners
  • Reliability engineers
  • Mechanical and electrical plant maintenance managers
  • Tradespeople working in electrical and mechanical companies

 Course prerequisites

An understanding in the basics of reliability engineering