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 Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard
 Implementatie van onderhoudsbeheersysteem
 95 gemalen, 9 afvalwaterzuiveringsinstallaties
Waterkeringen, watergangen. wegen en fietspaden
 Een geïmplementeerd en gedragen onderhoudsbeheersysteem

Terugblik op implementatie van Ultimo met Hoogheemraadschap HHSK

At the end of 2015, Pragma won the European tender for the implementation of the maintenance management system Ultimo Infra Asset Management at the Schieland and Krimpenerwaard Water Board (HHSK). Information about assets has been entered into the new maintenance management system, work processes have been described, the data has been put in order and all employees have been trained in use. The project plan describes a business case with the objectives of using the maintenance management system. In 2018, two years after the implementation, we looked back on the business case and the implementation together with a number of HHSK stakeholders.

HHSK chose Ultimo as its maintenance management system and was looking for an implementation partner. After a European tender, Pragma was selected for this because of the knowledge of and experience with water boards, asset management and maintenance and the experience with the implementation of maintenance management systems. Pragma was commissioned to implement Ultimo at HHSK for the Water Systems and Wastewater Chain departments. The data from the old maintenance management system had to be transferred one on one to Ultimo. At the start of the project, an extensive project plan was drawn up in which a business case was also included.

Extensive reference case on the implementation of an OBS

Download the extensive reference case at the top of the page and read more about:

  • The business case
  • A look back at the implementation process
  • The collaboration with the consultants of Pragma
  • The ambitions with regard to the maintenance management system and asset management
  • Tips from HHSK stakeholders to organizations considering purchasing a maintenance management system.

The implementation of an OBS is much larger than a piece of software.

Are you also considering a maintenance management system?

Pragma has extensive experience in the selection and implementation of maintenance management systems for all types of assets and for all types of organizations. Do you need advice? Please contact us.